People > Things

At Living Waters, we value people.  Lives matter because when it comes to looking at things eternally, people are the only things that are eternal.  Therefore, we build people.  Most importantly, we build people spiritually.  Yet at Living Waters, we know when people are healthy in other areas in their lives - physically, financially, mentally,  and emotionally - they are healthy spiritually. 

Saved People Serve People

As believers, we believe we should exhibit excellent, extra-mile servant leadership in every area in our lives - in our family, in our career, in our homes and neighborhoods, and in our church.  With excellence being our minimum standard, we desire to provide extra-mile servant leadership. When we serve others, we serve God.  

In line with the example of Jesus Christ, we are honored to 'take up the towel' to love and serve those around us in deed and in favor.  From those who are around us to those around the world, our servant leadership must be with the mentality to do whatever it takes by any means necessary to provide the excellent, extra-mile leadership people deserve. 

Small Groups are a BIG Deal

Life change happens not in rows but in circles and for life change to take place, accountable small groups are for everyone.  Everyone from our leadership down are in small groups to enhance their lives, build relationships, pray for one another, and encourage others in their journey with God. 

Spiritually Strong families build spiritually strong children

Families are strengthened when parents are challenged and equipped to lead spiritually. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 instructs us of the importance of taking biblical instruction and teaching them to our children often.  At Living Waters, we want to partner with you as you lead your family in leading your children in their spiritual walk.  We believe as we work and lead together, our children will become strong and bold champions of the faith.  

Bold Generosity

A generous spirit is inviting and contagious.  We strive to be BOLD in our generosity.  We know we can never, ever, ever out give God and by being generous with our resources is being like our Father who "Loved the world that He GAVE His only son."